3 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice Before Mounting a TV Over Your Fireplace

It’s actually not a good thought to mount your TV over your fire. It may heart your lounge in a charming approach, however it will possibly do a lot extra hurt than good — particularly in case you watch a lot of TV,  are liable to neck ache or truly use the fireside. Yes, we all know it looks like the logical place to stay a TV, however there are severe points with such placement. (Mounting a TV in the bathroom is not significantly better, but it surely’s doable.)


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If you are contemplating above-the-fireplace mounting, I’ll presume you have already thought of how you are going to run energy and sign (HDMI or wi-fi) to the TV, and the way you are mounting it to the brick or stone. These are considerations too, however simply fixable. There are larger points, although. 

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Here’s why you need to actually assume twice earlier than mounting your TV over your fire. 


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Why a TV ought to by no means be mounted over a fire


1. Viewing angle: A TV over a fire is just too excessive 

Ever sit within the entrance row of a movie show? Some individuals prefer it; most do not. That sore neck you get from staring up on the display? Imagine that each time you watch TV. Most individuals discover staring up at one thing for lengthy durations to be uncomfortable. Worse, it might sound fantastic at first, however then you definitely develop a neck difficulty later.

Not surprisingly, one of many first Google autocomplete outcomes after “TV over fire…” is “too excessive.” This is not a uncommon difficulty.


Imagine how far again your head must tilt to observe this TV from these seats.

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Sure, this would possibly not be a downside in some rooms. The fire may be low, you may be reclining to observe TV, you may be far sufficient away that you simply’re simply barely wanting “up” at it. But in case you’ve ever had neck points, usually from one thing work-related, this facet is one thing to think about because it might make such an harm worse. 

Most of us would a lot quite look barely down at a TV. It’s a rather more pure place (much like what’s recommended by OSHA for screens). Ideally you need to be capable to preserve a impartial/relaxed neck place to observe your TV, which can differ relying in your couch/seating place and so forth. 

2. Your TV will probably be off-axis


Mounting a TV above a fire is sort of at all times a unhealthy thought.

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Nearly each TV in the marketplace at this time is an LCD. There are higher-end fashions from LG, Sony, and Vizio which can be OLED, however in any other case, whatever the advertising and marketing title, it is an LCD. 

Most LCDs look considerably worse in case you’re not taking a look at them straight on. Even a few levels beneath their centerline, such as you’d have sitting on a couch wanting up on the TV, could make the picture look profoundly completely different than what it seems to be like immediately on-axis.

This is pretty straightforward to repair, although you will want particular gear. Some wall-mounting brackets allow you to pivot the TV downward, so it is immediately going through the seating space. Keep an eye fixed out for fashions that do. Flat-mounting the TV on the wall (the most affordable resolution) may make your TV look worse.

3. Heat and soot harm your TV

There is nothing worse for an electronics product than warmth (OK, possibly water or kicking it might be worse, however you get my level). Increasing the working temperature of the TV can shorten what needs to be a vigorous and reliably lengthy life.

Worse, the soot from the hearth can get into the TV’s innards, doing nothing good. Even worse, the harm will probably be sluggish and over time, not instantly, so the TV will doubtless fail ahead of it will have in any other case, however nonetheless past the size of your guarantee.


There isn’t any greatest seat on this home, a minimum of for watching TV.

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This will not be a difficulty for everybody. If you do not, or cannot, use your fire, then this would possibly not be a downside. A fuel fire won’t have soot, but when the wall above is heat to the contact, that warmth goes to heat your TV too.

Bottom line

Though trendy and common, mounting a TV above a fire in all probability is not the most suitable choice for you or your TV. Placement is a massive difficulty, and placement and TV top will be vital elements on the subject of image high quality. 

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