Bomber Friends Mod APK V 4.20, Unlimited Gems and Coins

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This is one of the most popular games ever since classic console version. You must know how much people play smartphone games today, because not everyone has high end expensive gaming computers and gaming consoles. Today the smartphone gaming industry is also developing very fast because the popularity of smartphone games and player.

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Bomber Friends Mod APK With Unlimited Gems and Coins

Bomberman is an essential, labyrinth based computer game establishment initially created by Hudson Delicate and right now possessed by Konami. The primary game in the arrangement was delivered in Japan on December 20, 1985 and new games have been distributed at sporadic spans from that point onward.

Bomber Friends Mod APK With Unlimited Gems and Coins
Bomber Friends Mod APK With Unlimited Gems and Coins

Today, Bomber Friends has included in more than 70 distinct games on various stages, just as a few anime and manga. The latest cycle, Super Bomber Friends On the web, was delivered on September 1, 2020 on Stadia. Starting at 2007, the arrangement has sold more than 10 million duplicates.


Most games in the Bomber Friends establishment to a great extent rotate around two methods of play; single player crusades where the player should overcome foes and arrive at an exit to advance through levels, and multiplayer modes where players should endeavor to kill one another and be the last one standing.

Ongoing interaction includes deliberately setting down bombs, which detonate in different bearings after a specific measure of time, to obliterate obstructions and kill foes and different players. The player can get different catalysts, giving them advantages, for example, bigger blasts or the capacity to put more bombs down at a time.

The player is slaughtered on the off chance that they contact an adversary or become involved with a bomb’s blast, including their own, expecting players to be wary of their own bomb position. Notwithstanding the fundamental labyrinth based Bomber Friends games, some side project titles include experience, platformer, puzzle, and kart hustling ongoing interaction.

The games are set some place in a cosmic system known as the Aircraft Cloud, ordinarily on Bomber Friends’ home planet, Planet Plane. The first Japanese home PC games had no genuine storyline. Bomber Friends for Famicom, NES and Nuclear Troublemaker for Game Kid start with Bomber Friends who worked all day every day making bombs in an underground compound, however he longed for freedom, so he plotted his getaway.

Gameplay of Bomber Friends Mod APK
Gameplay of Bomber Friends Mod APK

Subsequent to hearing talk that robots arriving at the surface become human, he chooses to get away. He was supported by the lone expertise he knew, bomb making. He utilizes the bombs to obliterate the adversaries forestalling his getaway and to clear impeded dividers.

At the point when he arrives at the surface, he changes into a natural person and gets known as the Sprinter. This storyline is absent in certain adaptations, like Bomber Friends Gathering Release, and this setting was generally deserted yet utilized for associations with Hudson’s Jackpot Sprinter match-ups and Bomber Friends : Act Zero. In the Bomber Friends for the TurboGrafx-16, Bomber Friends is utilized as a model for additional Bomber Friends robots by Dr. Mitsumori.

To recognize him from other Bombermen, the fundamental character is given the name White Bomberman. In prior appearances, the second Bomberman model is an adversary because of a programming blunder, yet beginning with Super Bomberman, the two have fashioned a partnership.

They have united to deal with greater dangers, most prominently the detestable outsider Educator Bagura, who is most scandalously known as the maker of the Five Obnoxious Aircraft. Ways were likewise crossed with an intergalactic wrongdoing association called the Hige Crooks (drove by Mujoe and Dr. Mechado), just as a strange adversary known as Regulus. There is no focal arrangement foe, however these are the most widely recognized adversaries.

Bomberman seems, by all accounts, to be important for an intergalactic police power to help secure the universe. This has been expounded upon in later games, where an agreeable figure named Dr. Ein coordinates Bomberman’s goals. There is likewise Aircraft Base on Planet Plane, where Bomberman prepares every day. After the shapeshifter Pommy was presented, Charaboms turned into a piece of the ongoing interaction in some later single player games. A cyborg character called Max likewise turned into a semi-ordinary part.

Bomber Friends Mod APK Features

  • Everything is Unlocked
  • Unlimited Gems, Coins, Stars and Diamonds
  • Easy to Clear Any Level
  • No Rooted Android Phone Required
  • No Advertisement- You will not see any irritating Advertisement. Play and enjoy fight without any interruption.

Bomber Friends Mod APK Specification

NameBomber Friends Mod APK
OS RequirementAndroid 5.0 and UP
Last UpdateFebruary 2021
Game Size120 MB (Without OBB)
CategoryClassic Bomberman
Game Version4.20

Bomber Friends Mod APK With Unlimited Gems and Coins, Mediafire Link Secure Link

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. This type android application is safe ? – I am not sure this type of MOD android application is safe or not but I have tried this application in my website and i did not face any issue or any lag problem in my android smartphone but may be you can face some force stop issue.
  2. Is it comes Money and Gems? – This is true information. In this android application you will get unlimited in game money and gems. i have tried this game in my android and i will give you a assurity to you do not need to collect coins for playing hours of game.
  3. Is it original copy of game ? – Neither is it an original copy of the game, because it has been twisted from any other developer. So we can’t call it the original game. The Mod app is always the same as the original, but it has been altered in the coding so that you get unlimited things.
  4. Is it comes with Bug ? – It is an original modified copy of the game, because it has been twisted from unknown developer. I have tested this game many times in different types of android device but I did not get any issue or bug problem.
  5. Which must prefer ? – This is depend on your preference because many people play official version of this game to get all achievement with his/her own strength. In my case i have always play MOD games and get all achievement easily because can’t I play the same game for several days.

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