Cooking With an Air Fryer Really Can Save You Money

As inflation continues and energy costs rise, utility payments have gotten increasingly costly. The apparent strategies to chop again on these staggering bills embrace turning off lightssetting your thermostat to an ideal temperature and showering instead of bathing. But there’s additionally an sudden approach you possibly can slash the invoice: utilizing an air fryer as a substitute of your oven.

While ovens aren’t the largest power suck within the dwelling, they do guzzle pure gasoline and electrical energy, particularly if you happen to use them typically and for lengthy intervals of time. Air fryer ovens are smaller and extra energy-efficient than full-size ovens, and including one to your kitchen can prevent cash if you happen to use it often and bypass the large fella. If you are questioning how a lot power your gasoline oven or electrical oven makes use of, we have calculated the prices and in contrast them to the price of working an air fryer. 

As a bonus, air fryers yield among the quickest hen wings, “fried” hen, French fries and Brussels sprouts you will ever make at dwelling and not using a deep fryer. 

How a lot can an air fryer prevent versus a full-size oven? 

The reply will not be the identical for everybody since power prices fluctuate by state within the US. Oven effectivity additionally varies and newer fashions have a tendency to make use of much less gasoline or electrical energy. For this train, we’ll use some averages and estimates to evaluate how a lot you possibly can probably save if you happen to fireplace up the air fryer as a substitute of the oven. Oh, and saving cash on power is only one of many causes we predict air fryers are a worthwhile funding. More on that in a bit. 

The easiest method to determine how a lot an air fryer would possibly prevent versus a giant oven is to calculate the wattage pulled per hour versus how a lot an electrical range would use. The identical goes for a gasoline oven, though for that you will want to determine the quantity of pure gasoline used for a range in addition to the price of pure gasoline in your state. 

Don’t fear, we’ll make it simple.

Gas vs. electrical ovens

Depending on what sort of oven you could have, gasoline or electrical, working price will fluctuate since pure gasoline costs and electrical energy prices fluctuate quite dramatically by state and repair supplier. While each use the same quantity of power and have considerably related upfront prices, if you happen to personal an older oven there is a good likelihood it is much less energy-efficient than a more moderen mannequin.

Red oven surrounded by kitchen cabinets

Modern ovens are extra energy-efficient than they was. But few, if any, can beat an air fryer.


How a lot does a gasoline range price to run?

To calculate the working price of your gasoline range and oven, we take the power ranking of the oven in Btu and divide it by 100,000. Multiply the consequence by the price per therm of pure gasoline in your state (varies drastically), then multiply by the variety of hours the oven is used. You ought to be capable to discover the power ranking of your oven on-line if you recognize the mannequin title or quantity. It is probably going someplace on the unit itself. If you continue to have the proprietor’s guide, you will discover the power ranking there, measured in Btu. 

To calculate the working price of an 18,000-Btu oven, you will divide 18,000 by 100,000, supplying you with 0.18. We’ll additionally want to search out the common worth per therm of pure gasoline in your state. This chart has the latest costs by way of the US Energy Information Administration. Note that this chart is listed in {dollars} per thousand cubic ft, so you will have to divide by 10. For occasion, if the chart worth is $23, you will use $2.30 to calculate the price. 

In New York the place I dwell, the value is presently $2.20 per therm (about common for the US). Next, we’ll multiply that worth for a therm by the quantity you calculated within the final step (0.18 on this instance) to get the working price per hour of utilizing your gasoline oven. 

For me, it could price about 40 cents per hour to run an 18,000-Btu oven. If I had been to run an oven for 1 hour per day, it could price $146 per yr. In some states (together with Georgia, Florida and Ohio), pure gasoline is about 30% increased than the nationwide common. In Hawaii, it is greater than double.


In New York, an electrical oven prices about 50 cents an hour to run.

Chris Monroe/CNET

How a lot does an electrical range price to run?

To decide electrical range consumption you will calculate the wattage pulled per hour of cooking. Most electrical ovens draw round 3,000 watts, relying on the temperature. Once you discover the wattage of your oven by way of the equipment tag, proprietor’s guide or an on-line product itemizing, multiply that by the variety of hours you employ the oven every day (we’ll use 1 hour for this calculation), then divide by 1,000 watts to search out the kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electrical energy used. 

Next, discover the common worth per kWh of electrical energy in your state. For that, you possibly can seek the advice of this chart that has the 2020 costs listed in cents per kWh. The costs for 2021 will not be launched till December 2022, however if you happen to do some net looking, it is best to be capable to discover the newest figures. Multiply that quantity by the quantity you simply calculated (3 kWh on this instance) to find out your working price per day. 

Working with New York’s present electrical energy fee of 17 cents per kWh, a 3,000-watt oven would price about 51 cents per hour when run at excessive warmth. If I used my oven for roughly 1 hour per day for one yr that will equal roughly $182 per yr. This price does not embrace power utilized by the vary and burners

Cosori air fryer on a countertop

An ordinary 1,500-watt air fryer has each gasoline and electrical ovens beat handily relating to power effectivity.


How a lot an air fryer prices to function

Air fryers are electrical home equipment, so we are able to use the identical methodology as above to search out the working price. The wattage for air fryers varies and bigger fashions will use extra power, however a typical 4-quart fryer corresponding to this Ninja (our top-rated mannequin) makes use of about 1,500 watts. 

Considering that is precisely half the wattage pull of the common full-size oven from our range calculation, we are able to challenge that the air fryer will use roughly half as a lot electrical energy to function. 

Using New York’s electrical energy costs, we safely say a typical 4-quart air fryer will price about 25 cents per hour to run. That’s 50% extra energy-efficient than the common full-size electrical oven and about 35% extra environment friendly than the common gasoline oven (calculated with New York state’s common power prices).

Ninja air fryer

Ninja’s 4-quart air fryer oven is among the greatest we have examined.


But that is solely half of the equation. Air fryers are even extra energy- and cost-efficient than these uncooked numbers illustrate. 

Here’s why…

Air fryers prepare dinner meals a lot sooner than commonplace ovens

Because of the smaller cooking chamber and superconvection (intense fan blowing warmth into meals), air fryers typically prepare dinner meals a lot sooner than your conventional gasoline or electrical range. Often in about half the time it takes to make the same recipe in a full oven.

Below are some examples of cooking occasions for air fryer versus range. The cooking web site Taste of Home compiled a listing of common air fryer cooking occasions for common meals. We in contrast these with commonplace cooking occasions pulled from Food Network recipes for oven-baked or oven-roasted variations of these meals.

Air fryer versus oven

Food Temperature Air fryer cooking time (minutes) Oven cooking time with preheat (minutes)
Chicken thighs 400 F 20-25 40
Chicken wings 375 F 10-12 40
Chicken breast 375 F 23 30
Salmon 400 F 5-7 12-15
Brussels sprouts 350 F 15-18 40
Bacon 400 F 5-10 20
Cauliflower 400 F 10-12 20
French fries (from scratch) 400 F 10-20 40-45
French fries (frozen) 400 F 6-8 18-20

Air fryers additionally need not preheat

Don’t neglect most air fryers additionally do not require any preheating time, making them much more environment friendly. The common full-size oven takes not less than 10 minutes to preheat however normally extra like 12 to fifteen minutes. Preheating requires as a lot (or extra) power as precise cooking. In the chart above, I added a modest 10 minutes to every of the oven cooking occasions to account for preheating.

If you contemplate that an air fryer does the work of an oven in half the time (even sooner while you embrace preheat time), 300 hours of cooking in a typical oven over the course of a yr would possible take fewer than 150 hours when accomplished in an air fryer. 

Crispy chicken wings on a plate

Chicken wings made in an air fryer are extraordinarily tasty and prepare dinner in half the time.

Brian Bennett/CNET

So how a lot are you able to save utilizing an air fryer?

  • Cost of 300 hours of cooking with a gasoline oven on excessive warmth: $153
  • Cost of 300 hours of cooking with an electrical oven on excessive warmth: $120
  • Cost of 150 hours of cooking with an air fryer: $39

These numbers are a tough estimate, in fact. The numbers will fluctuate based mostly in your state’s power price, how a lot cooking you do in the middle of a yr, what temperature you are cooking at and the sort and dimension of oven you are utilizing. 

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Before we get carried away…

An air fryer will not be a pound-for-pound alternative of an oven. There are loads of meals that you simply in all probability will not wish to prepare dinner in an air fryer. Others simply plain will not slot in a typical air fryer. Certain fashions are spacious sufficient to prepare dinner a complete hen, however for bigger roasts, a Thanksgiving turkey or that Sunday lasagna — to not point out most baking tasks — your air fryer will not be the best choice. 

That stated, for somebody who does not bake a lot or prepare dinner entire turkeys and racks of lamb on the common, an air fryer can shoulder a complete lot of the cooking that your dearer, much less energy-efficient oven has been dealing with. 

roast turkey on a platter with apples

Don’t throw your massive oven away simply but. You’ll nonetheless need it to prepare dinner that Sunday lasagna and a turkey on Thanksgiving.

mphillips007/E+/Getty Images

Saving cash is sweet, however that is not the perfect purpose to air-fry

An air fryer will not prepare dinner the whole lot higher than your oven, however there are some air fryer meals {that a} massive oven cannot contact. Because air fryers prepare dinner so quick and at excessive temps, meals like hen wings, french fries and most frozen apps will get crispy on the surface with out drying out on the within the way in which they may when caught within the massive oven for 30 or 40 minutes. 

As talked about, air fryers do not require any preheating time both. Most of the fashions I’ve used are additionally very simple to function, secure even for youngsters to make use of and simple to scrub.

Crispy fried chicken in an Instant Pot air fryer lid

The Instant Pot air fryer lid turned out some wonderful fried hen in about 20 minutes. Can your massive oven try this?

David Watsky/CNET

Bonus: Air fryers are low-cost

You pays within the lots of for an air fryer however most of the greatest ones we examined are lower than that. You can choose up our favourite air fryer, the Ninja 4-quart, for $100, or cheaper if you happen to discover it on sale. And our favourite price range air fryer, the Gourmia 4-quart, may be discovered for simply $60.

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