Fill Surveys and Get 500 Rs Shopping Voucher

We are come with another tricks, Take a small survey and get a free 500 rs Amazon or Flipkart Gift Voucher. I-say is a leading survey platform which collect data from a  customer and provide a company for improve its product and service. Also they gives a many rewards.

Key-point and Policy of I-Say.


Both active members in India are eligible to participate in the program and earn points through surveys. A reward points account is also available.

Account Updates

You collect points by taking a survey, your points record will be changed or credited. In most cases, a few minutes after the survey is done, your account will be paid. Once you settle points your account is debited instantly. If an error occurs, Ipsos Interactive Services reserves the right to change the Points Account of a panelist. New collecting points strategies may be available in the future. At the sole discretion of Ipsos Interactive Services, points can be attached to accounts.

Expiration of Points

Point(s) do not expire when you are an active member of the I and the points system is still in operation. Furthermore, your points account will be terminated after 30 days, should you unsubscribe from I or if your membership is discontinued. Each point is forfeited at that time. In the case of a clear violation of Ipsos Interactive Services rules / conditions, Ipsos Interactive Services shall be entitled to exclude panelists from the panel without warning or to request a decision afterwards, We reserve the right to cancel and lock your membership. In such instances, as mentioned above, all points are forfeited.

Transfer ability

Points between panelists ‘ accounts can not be shared.


Redemption can only be processed successfully if there are appropriate points available for the selected items.


Gift certificates and vouches are subject to the conditions defined by the issuing retailer (policies, redemption, expiry dates) and subject to change.


Both gift cards / paper vouches are sent daily by mail. Please permit delivery up to 4 weeks. Gift certificates and electronic coupons are sent via e-mail.

Program Duration & Changes to Rules

Ipsos Interactive Services reserves the right to cancel the service at any time at its sole discretion or to change, amend or add to these laws.

How to Do it.

I-Say regularly provide a reward to his member, so you can easily earn your 500 rs Gift voucher. I have a one trick to get more surveys and more points. Choose your gender as a female and select a between 24 to 30. you can choose a have a one children.

  • Visit I-say website.
  • Click on Create a new account of Sign up.
  • Now fill your basic detail, Like a E-mail, Mobile number and Some others.
  • Select some detail same as which i mention upper- Gender, Children, Age etc.
  • Press on Sign me up.
  • You will be received a verification mail in your mail id, Verify your account.
  • If you did not get a Verification mail, you need check spam mail in your mail account.
  • Then, After a successful verification, you need to fill some basic detail like a age , sex etc.
  • Complete your profile , Done!
  • Now, They gives you a some surveys which is related to your account detail.
  • Usually you can earn enough point to redeemed 500 rs gift voucher when you take a 8 to 10 surveys.
  • Enjoy !!

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