Google Maps: 15 Fascinating Places to Explore From Home

Whether you are not fairly eager to get on a airplane simply but, wanting to get a take a look at some places earlier than reserving a visit or your lust for journey exceeds your funds, you’ll be able to take a mini-trip from dwelling fairly simply. Just pull up Google Maps in your PC or cellphone and begin your search. While you’ll be able to try maps from in all places on Earth, the Street View and Photo Sphere instruments allow you to digitally roam just about wherever. 

To discover in your PC, first ensure you’re in satellite tv for pc mode. Click and drag the little yellow particular person within the backside proper of the display to any blue highlighted spot on the map. On your cellphone, simply faucet the picture within the backside left and Maps will “drop” you into your chosen location. 

Here are 15 locations to discover in Google Maps.

This is a road sign indicating where Alien Parking is. This is the original UFO crash site in Roswell. There are small UFOs on the sign with a large arrow pointing to the right.

We cannot promise you may see aliens for those who digitally go to Roswell. 

Joe Sohm/Visions of America/Getty Images


It’s unlikely you may spot any little inexperienced males for those who drop into Roswell, New Mexico, however who is aware of? Roswell seems to be extra residential than Area 51 (the precise web site, not the tourist spots). Unfortunately, you’ll be able to solely zoom in thus far on Area 51, and you may’t drop the little yellow particular person wherever. It does flip right into a UFO once you attempt, although. 

Images From Chernobyl

Pripyat, Ukraine.

NurPhoto/Getty Images

Pripyat, Ukraine 

The tragic events that occurred at Chernobyl have had lots of consideration within the final couple years. In 2019, the HBO’s miniseries Chernobyl, starring Jared Harris, detailed the 1986 nuclear catastrophe. After the present premiered, Ukraine made plans to accommodate an influx of tourists, whereas Craig Mazin, the present’s creator, requested vacationers visiting the exclusion zone to show respect for the lives lost. The battle in Ukraine, which additionally affected the site of the catastrophe, has made real-life tourism inconceivable, however you can digitally roam the deserted town because it appeared earlier than the battle. 


Egyptian pyramids.

Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty Images

Pyramids of Egypt

Google Maps has dozens of spots you’ll be able to drop in to view Egypt’s pyramids. You can take Street View to stroll amongst caravans or gaze up on the Pyramid of Menkaure and Giza. There is an infinite quantity of historical past to study these large constructions. For instance, the Pyramid of Menkaure is the smallest of the three pyramids, however outlined as a “true pyramid” due to its easy sides. Most of the pyramids have been constructed as tombs for the nation’s pharaohs. King Tutankhamun’s tomb, for instance, is said to be cursed. Tutankhamun’s resting place is sort of seven hours from the Giza Necropolis, however on Google Maps, you’ll be able to tour each much more rapidly.


To date, Devon Island is probably the most related terrain on Earth to that of Mars. 


Devon Island, Canada

Devon Island may seem like an enormous, barren, rocky wasteland within the Canadian Arctic… as a result of it’s. But do not write it off simply but. In 2019, Google singled out Devon Island and talked to scientists who’re utilizing the realm as a coaching floor for future missions to Mars. According to the researchers, Devon Island’s terrain is as shut to Mars as yow will discover on Earth. 

The city of Cape Town as seen from Table Mountain, flat-

Table Mountain, Cape Town.

Leisa Tyler/Getty Images

Table Mountain, South Africa

If you are in want of a panoramic view, begin with Table Mountain in South Africa. The flat-topped mountain seems to be over the gorgeous rocky terrain of Table Mountain Nature Reserve all the best way out to Cape Town. An 18th-century French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille named a constellation Mons Mensae, which translates to Table Mountain, after the landmark. Lacaille reportedly did so as a result of he noticed the constellation from this location. 

Tikal National Park

Tikal National Park.

VW Pics/Getty Images

Tikal National Park, Guatemala

Tucked deep in Guatemala’s jungles is Tikal National Park. There you may discover Mayan temples and ceremonial ruins courting again to 900 B.C. Tikal is one of the most important complexes left behind by the Maya civilization, in accordance to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The web site contains remnants of palaces, temples, ceremonial platforms, dwelling quarters, sport courts, terraces, roads and city squares. The monuments are additionally nonetheless embellished with carvings and mural work with hieroglyphic inscriptions that element the individuals’s historical past. 


No vampires at Bran Castle, sorry.

Daniel Mihailescu/AFP/Getty Images

Bran Castle, Romania

Calling all horror film followers: Not solely are you able to digitally traipse the grounds round this 14th-century castle that allegedly inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula, however you can too peek inside a number of rooms. I can not assure you may see a vampire (sparkly or in any other case), however the Transylvanian citadel has lots of historical past. Its stone partitions have housed numerous royals, most notably Vlad the Impaler, aka Vlad Tepes, aka Vlad Dracul. Bran Castle was the one citadel on the time that matched the outline Stoker gave in his ebook. Dracula, the character, and Vlad Tepes aren’t meant to be the identical although. 


Huashan Mountain.

Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images

Huashan Mountain, China

Those with a concern of heights, be warned. You can basically hike this incredible mountain with out leaving your seat. The path begins out easy sufficient — it is excessive up, however the path is comparatively huge, with fascinating temples to cease at alongside the best way. On your journey, you may additionally encounter slender stone stairs and a few vertigo-inducing paths. In some locations it seems to be like unstable planks of wooden have been hammered into the mountainside for individuals to cross. Gulp!   

Japan's Island of Cats

Cat Island seems like a purr-fectly good time.

Carl Court/Getty Images

Cat Island, Japan

Aoshima, Ehime, is an island in Japan that is home to more cats than people. In 2016, the fishing village had simply over a dozen residents and greater than 160 cats, in accordance to CBS News. The cats have been initially launched on the island to remedy a mouse downside a number of a long time in the past. Drop onto one of many streets and you will be surrounded by felines, which actually is a dream come true. Almost wherever you click on, you may discover a cat (or a number of cats) lounging within the solar, aggressively ignoring the digital camera. Perusing Cat Island is sort of a grown-up, further cute model of Where’s Waldo. 

Production Wraps On CBS Films'

Winchester Mansion.

C Flanigan/Getty Images

Winchester Mansion, California

And now we get spooky once more… or architectural, relying on the way you take a look at it. The Winchester Mansion is situated in San Jose, California and it is greater than a little bit of a thriller. Consumed with grief after dropping her husband and son, Sarah Winchester moved to California and purchased a farmhouse. Over 10 years, she remodeled the property from a easy farmhouse right into a towering seven-story mansion. The nice San Francisco earthquake of 1906 did fairly a bit of injury to the construction earlier than Sarah handed away in 1922. It was later came upon that Sarah had the home constructed with stairways and doorways that went nowhere, home windows wanting into different rooms and extra oddities. The home is claimed to be haunted. If you haven’t any plans to go to California (and do not scare simply), you’ll be able to have a look across the Winchester Mansion on Google Maps. 

2015 G-20 Host City Antalya

The historical metropolis of Myra.

Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The historical metropolis of Myra, Turkey

The historical Lycian ruins in Myra are stated to date back before the 5th century B.C., in accordance to the Turkish Cultural Foundation. Among the ruins are tombs of rulers and their relations minimize right into a steep cliff. A couple of clicks away is a 35-row amphitheater. The construction’s former glory is clear within the carved designs you see all through, although it’s nonetheless breathtaking. If you appreciated Tikal National Park, it is price a digital journey to the Lycian ruins as nicely.


Thor’s Well.


Thor’s Well, Oregon

The lovable, hammer-wielding, lightning-summoning Avenger did not have something to do with this vacationer attraction close to Cook’s Chasm in Oregon. Thor’s Well is a large gap within the basalt shoreline that Gary Hayes, publisher of Coast Explorer Magazine, theorizes started as a sea cave, however was dug out by waves. The roof ultimately collapsed and left openings on the prime and backside for the ocean to surge by. 

Ruins of Urquhart castle, Loch Ness, Scotland

We cannot promise you may spot the Loch Ness Monster whether or not you go to digitally or in-person.

M. Borchi/DEA/Getty photos

Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Scotland

Loch Ness is a freshwater lake that spans 23 miles in Scotland’s highlands. Along with the ruins of Urquhart Castle, individuals flock to Loch Ness to attempt to catch a glimpse of the lengthy sought-after Loch Ness Monster. Depending on the place you click on, you’ll be able to see photos from a boat tour on the lake. I did not see “Nessie” within the photos, however different people claimed they did a few years ago. After the hype across the Area 51 raid event on Facebook in 2019, another event, “Storm Loch Ness” appeared.


Darvaza Gas Crater.

Giles Clarke/Getty Images

Darvaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan

The Darvaza Gas Crater is often known as the Door to Hell and the Gates of Hell (not intimidating in any respect, proper?). If you’ll be able to’t deal with the warmth, you’ll be able to rise up shut and private with this fiery pit on Google Maps. The photos virtually make it seem to be the world’s greatest fireplace pit (think about the s’mores!). The pit’s glow, various between sinister and comfy, relying in your perspective, emanates from an underground cavern in Derweze. The crater got here to be within the Seventies when Soviet geologists started drilling for oil in Karakum. While they discovered oil, they have been additionally drilling on prime of an unstable cavernous pocket of pure gasoline, in accordance to Smithsonian Magazine. The web site collapsed and a number of other craters subsequently opened up. The crater has reportedly been burning for greater than 40 years.  


Mendenhall Ice Caves.

Loop Images/Getty Images

Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska

Did it get chilly impulsively? That’s as a result of we’re speaking about Alaska’s ice caves. The Mendenhall Ice Caves in Juneau, to be precise. The very first thing I seen as I panned across the cavern was what number of placing shades of blue there have been. Alaska Shore Tour’s travel experts describe their excursions into the 12-mile Mendenhall Ice Caves as “dreamlike.” It is perhaps as shut as you may get to Superman’s fortress of solitude in actual life. The cave, which is definitely a glacier, can also be fairly tough to get to outdoors of a Google Maps tour. You have to kayak to the sting of the ice and climb over the glacier, Atlas Obscura says

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