How Often Should You Replace Your Furnace Filter?

Let me guess, now that the climate has warmed up, you’ve got fully forgotten about your furnace. Am I proper? If that is the case, then your furnace might be due for a brand new filter. 

Even within the hotter months of the yr, it’s best to frequently monitor your furnace filter’s situation — and exchange it as wanted — to maintain your loved ones secure and your furnace in good working situation. Luckily, swapping out your previous filter is an easy dwelling upkeep activity which you can deal with in lower than quarter-hour. 

Below, we’ll run via the fundamentals of fixing your furnace’s filter, together with when (and the way) to do it and why it issues.

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When to interchange your furnace filter

Filters play an important position within the total operate of your furnace — and might have a noticeable impression on the air high quality in your house.

In brief, your furnace filter traps dust, mud, allergens and different pollution, so they do not circulate into your heating and cooling system (and you do not breathe them in). It additionally creates a barrier to stop contaminants from getting into and damaging your system.

In most instances, it’s best to exchange your filter no less than every three months — together with in summer season. If you can not seem to bear in mind to do it, a very good rule of thumb is to vary your furnace filter each time the seasons change.

With that stated, there are some elements that would impression how typically you might want to change yours, together with: 

  • Filter thickness. Thicker filters can gather extra particles and do not must be changed as typically as thinner ones. If your filter is greater than 2 inches thick, it’s best to be capable to wait a number of extra months to vary it.
  • Location. If you reside in a metropolis, your filter will clog up quicker than it could in case you lived in a rural space.
  • Season. During winter, your furnace works exhausting to heat your house, which might make your filter get dirtier, quicker.
  • Pets. Pet hair, dander and dust can gather in your furnace filter, so chances are you’ll want to interchange it extra typically you probably have furry mates at dwelling.
  • Health circumstances. If you wrestle with allergic reactions or bronchial asthma, altering your furnace filter each month or two could assist along with your signs.

Why altering your furnace filter is vital

It could seem inconsequential, however retaining your furnace filter clear is extremely vital. Here are a number of of the explanations that it’s best to make changing your filter a precedence.

Your well being and security

Most importantly, utilizing a debris-free filter will assist enhance the air high quality in your house. If your filter is soiled, your furnace will not be capable to flow into clear air all through your house, which might put your well being in danger.

On high of that, clogged furnace filters can create a security hazard. When airflow is blocked by dust, pollen and different contaminants, it forces your furnace into overdrive, which might make the motor overheat and begin a hearth.

The lifespan of your furnace

Like the rest in life, taking care of your furnace will assist lengthen its lifespan. And since putting in a brand new furnace costs thousands of dollars, it is inside your finest monetary curiosity to take excellent care of the one you will have. This consists of frequently altering the filter, cleaning the entire unit and scheduling upkeep as wanted.

If you retain utilizing your furnace when the filter is soiled, it will possibly trigger mud, hair, mould and different particles to gather inside your heating and cooling system. This can injury your system, forcing you to get costly repairs or exchange it solely.

Energy prices

Finally, sustaining your furnace filter may even provide help to save on your energy bills. When your filter is clogged, it is more durable in your furnace to attract air in, making it work more durable and use extra power.

Fortunately, this example is preventable. In truth, in accordance with the Department of Energy, you’ll be able to scale back the power consumption of a heating and cooling unit by between 5% and 15% simply by changing the filter when it will get soiled.

How to interchange your furnace filter

Now that when and why to interchange your furnace filter, let’s go over how to do it. The directions could range barely relying in your explicit furnace, however this is a basic overview:

1. Shut off the furnace.
2. Open the service panel (the lengthy and slim door that hides the filter).
3. Pull out the previous filter and set it apart.
4. Insert the brand new filter, following any arrows or instructions on the bundle.
5. Close the service panel. 
6. Turn on the furnace.

The backside line

Regularly changing your furnace filter is an easy option to preserve wholesome air high quality in your house, preserve your furnace in fine condition and even save on power prices. Even higher? It solely takes a couple of minutes out of your day.

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