How to Get a Free Virtual Credit Card in India. (Latest 2020)

Hello guys how are you all. Today again we are taking a new tips in which you will get to learn something new and you are going to have a lot of fun because it will not be learned anywhere. In today’s article, you are going to learn that if you do not have a credit card, how can you also generate a virtual credit card through the bank.

How to Get a Free Virtual Credit Card.

Some people have an on-line payment transaction in India with a virtual credit card or many called a VCC (virtual credit card), but it is a problem that most people are having problems creating an on-line payment card because so many on-line payments don’t accept every virtual payment card. I share the most trusted and truthful providers of virtual card in India in this post. In fact, you would also hear about virtual credit cards that operate on international payment getaways.

Why We need to use Virtual credit card

In this planet, transition is the only thing that remains constant. Often you have the use of receipts and/or physical deposits through a bank to get your payout. But when these things became credit / debit cards or Net Banking.The main issue was that there were so many disadvantages to these approaches. You had to hit the bank all over, and the direct transfer by banks was too tedious.

Even the online payments by credit/debit cards were not secure. Because of this, companies and individuals suffered theft. Nevertheless, circumstances have contributed to so many developments in this field. So, if there is a really important work you don’t need to visit Bank time and time again. At present, many Indian banks provide free virtual card for online and offline payments. They no longer need to post your bank account credentials on the internet for an online transaction. For a one-time transaction limited to one amount only, credit cards are issued by banks.

How to Apply for Virtual Debit or Credit Card

  1. Kotak Mahindra bank- if you have already account in kotak mahindra bank, so you need to just apply for a virtual card .if you have a no time to visit a bank just apply by kotak mahindra banking app and complete your work which in just 10 min. If you dont have a accaunt in this bank, so apply with kotak 811 account. it is a online banking platform by Bank. Then just complete KYC and get your virtual card with in some time.
  2. Also Union bank provide a Virtual debit and credit card if you are eligible. First login in Digi-pay app with your correct detail ad get your virtual card with in a some time.
  3. SBI- Login to Sbi Buddy app and apply for a Virtual debit card it is very easy and simple.
  4. Axis- Axis bank also provide a virtual debit and credit card. Login to your internet banking account and apply for it.
  5. ICICI-Login to ICICI  banking app it called I Mobile and apply for it.
  6. HDFC- Same method to apply for Virtual Card.


Hope you like this article. You can generate a virtual credit card through whatever bank account you have and all have different processes which you will know from the official website of the bank.

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