How to Power Nap Like a Pro

Naps have a unhealthy tendency to make you’re feeling so groggy afterwards that you simply remorse ever taking one. Or, you get up feeling refreshed, however you slept so lengthy that you simply can’t fall asleep at night time. That’s why energy naps are far superior than simply letting your self snooze with out an alarm through the day. 

What is a energy nap?

“Power naps are sometimes thought of a 20- or 30-minute nap. If you are having bother powering by way of the second half of the day or when you really feel sleepy generally, taking these naps can actually aid you keep alertness and may be both as well as to, or as a substitute of utilizing espresso or different types of caffeine,” says Dr. Deirdre Ann Conroy, a behavioral sleep specialist on the University of Michigan. 

Conroy warns that energy naps are usually not a nice concept for everybody, particularly individuals who have problem sleeping at night time or insomnia. “Taking naps through the day can actually intervene with the standard of sleep that you simply get at night time. And so we sometimes suggest individuals who have bother falling asleep, or staying asleep to keep away from napping through the day,” says Dr. Conroy. 

How to take a energy nap 

If you do not have sleep points or insomnia and need to strive energy napping, comply with the information under from Dr. Conroy on how to take a energy nap once you really feel sleepy or need a fast power enhance. 

Set an alarm for 20 to half-hour max

It might not appear to be a lot, however 20-minute naps are the candy spot when it comes to serving to you’re feeling extra awake and never groggy. Dr. Conroy advises setting an alarm to guarantee you do not snooze for too lengthy. “If we take into consideration our sleep cycle, we have a tendency to transition into very deep phases of sleep after about 20 to half-hour. And so that you really don’t desire to have a lengthy sleep interval in the course of the day. You can really feel higher after about 20 to half-hour of lighter phases of sleep,” Dr. Conroy says.

Staying within the lighter sleep phases throughout your nap is vital to ensuring you’re feeling higher, since waking up from a deep sleep out of the blue through the day (or anytime) can really feel jarring and make you’re feeling less-than-rested. 

Take your nap earlier within the day

Timing once you take your nap is simply as vital as limiting how lengthy you sleep for. If you’re taking a energy nap too late within the day, you threat messing up your sleep later that night time. No matter how drained you might be, you need to prioritize strong sleep at night time over a shorter nap time through the day. 

In phrases of a really perfect time-frame, Dr. Conroy says that may fluctuate as a result of “inner clocks are all totally different. I’ve heard individuals say not [to nap] after 5 p.m., however my 5 p.m. may be totally different than your 5 p.m. So I similar to to preserve it normal, like early within the day or night time, no matter that’s for you,” says Dr. Conroy.

The info contained on this article is for academic and informational functions solely and isn’t meant as well being or medical recommendation. Always seek the advice of a doctor or different certified well being supplier concerning any questions you might have about a medical situation or well being aims.

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