How to Safely Remove an Avocado Pit Without a Knife

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Every 12 months, thousands of well-intentioned cooks expertise “avocado hand” — the official time period for an damage that happens if you’re attempting to take away the avocado pit with a knife and also you unintentionally pierce your hand as an alternative of the pit. The wound can require something from a Band-Aid to stitches or surgical procedure.

I ought to know as a result of it occurred to me final 12 months. I had a little an excessive amount of wine earlier than including the ultimate contact to my Mexican mole enchiladas: a topping of avocado slices. Cradling the freshly halved fruit in my hand, I struck on the pit with a fencing jab. The tiny however ferocious knife blade missed and punctured my palm, hitting a nerve beneath my ring finger. There was minimal blood, so regardless of nearly fainting and shedding sensation in two fingertips, I gallantly gauzed up my hand and continued entertaining my visitors. 

The subsequent day at pressing care, I described my stab wound as a “kitchen accident.” The doctor responded: “Cutting an avocado, eh? We get that on a regular basis.”  

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One Insider analysis estimated practically 9,000 avocado-related visits to the ER within the US throughout 2018 — that is nearly 25 individuals a day. According to one physician I spoke with, many happen throughout Super Bowl events, when guacamole-loving soccer followers eat some 105 million pounds of avocados

Everyone has their most popular approach to take away the avocado pit — some households move it down by means of generations. Many insist on hanging the pit with the blade of the knife, then twisting the seed out whereas defending your hand with a dish towel or potholder. But that technique nonetheless includes danger, particularly because you then have to take away the pit from the sharp blade. 

I do know higher and safer methods. Whether you make avocado toast, guacamole or a Cobb salad, listed below are two strategies for eradicating the seed that do not require any sharp knives. For extra suggestions, this is how to slice a cake without a knife, how to put an end to junk mail and how to fall asleep with this five-minute routine every night time. 

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The first rule: Never use a sharp knife

To get began, all you will want is a butter or desk knife to reduce the avocado in half. Note that each of those strategies work finest on a ripe avocado. 

Place the avocado on its facet on a chopping board or different floor. Using your boring knife, pierce the pores and skin down to the pit and rotate the avocado in a rolling movement away from you till you have sliced the avocado in half, right through. 

Then, separate the 2 sides of the avocado by twisting the halves in reverse instructions. 

Pro tip: You can use that very same knife to slice the avocado up when you’re performed eradicating the pit. 

Safety possibility No. 1: Remove the pit by way of ‘the news approach’

For this technique, seize a spoon. I desire to use a common teaspoon dimension with a pointier tip — not a soup spoon. 

Now, place the spoon beneath the narrower a part of the pit. Then simply elevate the pit out by scooping it. 

Safety possibility No. 2: Remove the pit by way of ‘the push approach’

Using the spoon is cool, certain, however this second technique requires nothing greater than your fingers.

Place your index and center fingers on both facet of the pit, together with your thumb on the bottom (pores and skin) of the avocado, nearly such as you’re gently gripping a baseball — or forming an upside-down tripod across the base. Then push the pit ahead together with your thumb as for those who’re plunging a syringe, and the seed will come out. 

The solely potential danger with both of those “no-knife” strategies is a flying pit. Be certain to purpose away from kids, small pets or something breakable. 

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