Install Windows 10 in lenovo Ideapad 330 Through USB Drive.

Friends, today a lot of people use laptops instead of computers, and perhaps you will also like Latop. There are many brands of laptops available, all of which you will get with different features.

Lenovo is a very big brand that has contributed significantly in laptop and computer technology over the years. I myself have been using Lenovo laptops for years and Dall and Lenovo are one of my favorite brands whose computer and laptop I love to use.

If you also have a Lenovo laptop and you want to install any Windows operating system through usb, then this article is going to be very useful for you. In this, we have given the tutorial of the whole process, so that you can install Windows very easily in any of your Lenovo laptops.

Install windows 10 in lenovo Idea-pad Through USB Drive.

Lenovo Ideapad 330 comes with a many different configuration. It is Started with dual core processor and ending with a Core i5 8th generation. High end Laptop come with a Core i5 8th Gen/8 GB/1 TB / Windows 10/4 GB RAM is available. It has a tracker for your daily needs of 15.6 inches (39.62 cm). Powered by the 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U, this laptop has 8 GB of RAM and a 1 TB HDD storage capacity at that price point.

This operates on the operating system of Windows 10 Home Basic. This laptop features a 4 GB AMD Radeon 540 card to accommodate graphical capabilities as far as the graphics card is concerned. It has an Li-Ion battery with a weight of 1,8 Kg to keep it alive.

Another low end or entry level Lenovo idea Pad comes with dual core and i3. Lenovo Idea Pad 330 (X2015698) is a 15.60-inch, Windows-10 port with a 1366×768 pixel resolution. It comes with an 8 GB of RAM from a Celeron Dual Core processor. The 330 Idea Pad from Lenovo provides SSD capacity of 128 GB. AMD Radeon R2 is supplied with graphics.

Bluetooth, Wifi, 3 USB ports (2x USB 3.0), Mic In and RJ45 (LAN) are available as the connectivity options. Lenovo IdeaPad 330 prices start at Rs. 17,990 in India from 24 January 2020.

Now most of lenovo idea pad user got trouble to install new windows through USB drive. Lenovo idea pad 330 Entry level laptop comes with no DVD writer so it is very difficult to install a new windows operating system. If you feel a same problem like me, so i have solution of your problem. Now follow simple steps to made it easy.

First you need a USB Boot able Pen drive. If you don’t know how to make a USB Boot able Pen drive. So read our other article to make it.

Follow Simple Steps

  • First of all you need to backup of your C drive. Because it process completely erase your C Partition.
  • Shutdown your laptop.
  • Push power button to on your laptop.
  • Continuously push F2 key to enter in a Bios settings.
  • You will see your Bios settings which you can see in image.
  • Now you need to made some changes to your Bios Settings. First select “OS Optimization Default” make it to Other OS.
  • Now select a Boot option and click on Boot mode and select a Legacy Support. Press F10 button to go save and exit Bios Settings.
  • Your laptop will automatically restart and continuously press F12 to enter boot  Mode.
  • You can see your all connected boot option on boot menu. Then select your USB Bootable pen drive and hit enter.
  • Windows 10 Setup has started and install a new windows operating system which you want .
  • Doe!!

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I am sure that this article will prove to be very helpful in installing new Windows in Lenovo laptop. But if you have any more questions or there is an error in your laptop installing Windows, then you can mail us or comment below. We will try our best to make your problem go away.

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