Pregnancy Nutrition: What Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

Pregnancy provides a complete new that means to meals. Not solely does what you eat assist nourish and develop a human being, however it may possibly additionally ship you operating for the toilet as you uncover yet one more odor that disgusts you. There’s already a lot to think about when pregnant that it may possibly exhausting to bear in mind precisely which meals or drinks you completely cannot ingest and that are protected sparsely. 

To allow you to by this thrilling but admittedly disturbing time, we rounded up a listing of meals and drinks to keep away from so you’ll be able to proceed to work out how finest to fill your plate throughout this essential time in your life. We additionally rounded up a listing of meals that consultants proceed to debate if they’re protected to eat throughout being pregnant. 

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Foods to keep away from throughout being pregnant 


It’s not a meals, however alcohol continues to sit excessive on the listing consultants say to keep away from whereas pregnant. Alcohol can have an effect on fetal improvement of the mind, facial options and different essential physique components because it passes by the pregnant particular person’s blood to the growing fetus. Alcohol can influence a toddler’s life after they’re born and trigger physical and developmental disabilities, or what’s often called fetal alcohol spectrum problems. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is no protected quantity of alcohol to eat at any level throughout being pregnant. If you are pregnant or planning a being pregnant and would love assist quitting ingesting, speak to your physician or find help close to you.

Pregnant woman with a hand on a wine glass

Experts say to minimize out beer, wine and liquor throughout being pregnant as a result of there is no identified “protected” quantity of alcohol to drink. 

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Raw or undercooked seafood and all shellfish

This one would possibly harm a bit of, however uncooked or undercooked fish (like sushi) can comprise micro organism and viruses that may be dangerous to you and your child. Importantly, consuming uncooked fish runs you the danger of listeria, which is an an infection 10 occasions extra probably to have an effect on pregnant folks, and 24 occasions extra probably to have an effect on Hispanic pregnant folks, in accordance to the CDC. Listeria could cause miscarriage, stillbirths, preterm births and demise in newborns. 

Some examples of seafood to avoid embody sushi, sashimi, ceviche, uncooked oysters, scallops and clams, per the Mayo Clinic. You also needs to steer clear of refrigerated seafood labeled nova fashion, lox, kippered, smoked or jerky, in accordance to the clinic. 

High-mercury fish

The greater and older the fish, in accordance to the Mayo Clinic, the extra probably it’s to comprise ranges of mercury that are not protected throughout being pregnant. A buildup of mercury in your physique can have an effect on your child’s nervous system. Common fish to keep away from embody bigeye tuna, king mackerel, marlin, orange roughy, swordfish, shark and tilefish, per the Food and Drug Administration.

If you catch your individual fish, or eat regionally sourced fish, test native advisories for mercury ranges and potential air pollution.

Raw and undercooked meat 

Pregnant individuals are at a better threat for foodborne illness as a result of being pregnant impacts their immune system’s means to combat off these infections, in accordance to the FDA. Meat served uncooked or undercooked can carry harmful bacteria reminiscent of listeria, E. coli, salmonella, toxoplasma and make you and your unborn child (who would not have a functioning immune system but) severely in poor health. 

So whilst you’re pregnant, it is best to order that burger or steak well-done. 

Aerial photo of a salmon and veggie dinner

There’s an extended listing of fish to keep away from whereas anticipating, however well-done salmon or different low-mercury fish are wholesome choices for you and your being pregnant. 

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Processed meat 

Hot canine, chilly cuts and deli meat are all examples of issues you may want to keep away from consuming whereas pregnant. These “prepared to eat” meats also can comprise dangerous micro organism or viruses. The FDA does say it is OK to eat most of these meat, although, in the event that they’re “reheated to steaming hot.” Piping scorching bologna, anybody? 

Raw eggs 

Undercooked or uncooked eggs pose the identical foodborne sickness menace to pregnant folks, so it is best to keep away from them. Some well-liked selfmade meals objects that may comprise uncooked eggs embody hollandaise sauce, Caesar dressing, aioli dip and mayonnaise (however store-bought dressings and dips are usually protected as a result of they’re made with pasteurized eggs, in accordance to the FDA). It’s additionally essential to prepare dinner your eggs totally. That means firm scrambled eggs and exhausting yolks. 

Unwashed vegatables and fruits

You can blame listeria and the opposite widespread foodborne diseases once more, however the FDA recommends pregnant folks wash their fruits and veggies within the case they have been contaminated. You ought to use plain water, scrub away the dust with a vegetable brush (if in case you have one) and take away bruises or cuts that may harbor micro organism, per the FDA

Unpasteurized milk and cheese

If your cheese or milk product has “unpasteurized” on the label, it is best to skip as a result of the potential an infection with Listeria may lead to miscarriage, preterm supply or have an effect on a new child. Goat cheese, feta, Brie, blue cheese, Camembert and queso fresco or blanco usually comprise unpasteurized milk and are finest to keep away from, Parents reported. 

Hispanic people who find themselves pregnant could be a lot more susceptible to listeriosis as a result of their diets are extra probably to embody gentle cheeses like queso fresco or blanco, panela and asadero. If queso blanco and queso fresco are made with pasteurized milk, it is protected to eat. (As a be aware of warning, the CDC says that some instances of listeriosis have been linked to contamination in merchandise that have been made with pasteurized milk.) 

Pregnant woman holding a plate of salad and a plate of donuts

It’s finest to eat small quantities of extremely processed meals throughout being pregnant as a result of they normally supply little dietary worth. 

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Raw sprouts

Sprouts, although scrumptious and wholesome, might be contaminated with salmonella — a micro organism which causes about 1.35 million infections a 12 months within the US, in accordance to the CDC. While pregnant, it could be finest to cross on the sprouts. 

Organ meat

Organ meats, particularly liver, comprise very excessive quantities of vitamin A which is dangerous throughout being pregnant, generally main to delivery defects or miscarriage. Types of artificial vitamin A like retinol and the zits medicine isotretinoin (previously known as Accutane) also needs to be averted throughout being pregnant for that reason. 

‘Proceed with warning’ meals 

Sugar substitutes

Expert recommendation for pregnant folks on synthetic sweeteners and “pretend sugar” appears to be a combined bag. Doctors advise that pregnant folks keep away from saccharin, the sugar substitute present in Sweet’N Low, as a result of it may possibly cross the placenta and keep in fetal tissue. Others cite a potential hyperlink to low-calorie sweeteners and excessive delivery weights or little one weight problems. But different steering, like that from the Mayo Clinic, is that synthetic sweeteners are high quality if consumed in small amounts or sparsely. 

Bottom line: a food plan soda here and there probably will not be dangerous to you and your child. But for those who assume your food plan is simply too sugary, speak to your physician earlier than changing the true stuff with synthetic or low-calorie sweeteners.


If you are one of many many individuals who want a cup of joe to begin the day, you could be questioning for those who want to stop the behavior. Current steering is that, whereas chopping out caffeine fully is right, reasonable consumption of less than 200mg a day would not trigger miscarriage or preterm delivery, in accordance to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. (A typical 8-ounce cup of espresso has about 96 mg of caffeine, for scale, however quantities fluctuate primarily based on the brew). 

In addition to espresso, caffeine might be present in soda, chocolate, tea, vitality drinks and different meals and drinks. If you are notably delicate to caffeine, it could be finest to hold your caffeine consumption under 100mg, Healthline reported.

Caffeine, like a number of substances which you can metabolize effectively, crosses the placental barrier, so it is best to hold consumption low on your rising child. A study discovered that consuming 200 mg or extra of caffeine a day will increase the danger of miscarriage, however different analysis suggests even reasonable caffeine consumption has been linked to low birth weight. If you could have a historical past of miscarriage or are involved about your caffeine consumption, speak together with your physician.

A hand sprinkling sugar into a mug with coffee

Limit caffeine consumption throughout being pregnant and watch out with sugar substitutes.

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Herbal tea

Caffeine is present in some teas, however natural tea in being pregnant is a complete separate concern. The Mayo Clinic says to keep away from ingesting natural tea whereas pregnant, until your well being care supplier says it is OK, due to restricted knowledge on the security for you and your child. 

Herbal teas have been utilized by midwives and different folks as cures for morning illness and different being pregnant signs, however there’s nonetheless rather a lot we do not know concerning the quantity of herbs which can be protected for pregnant folks. Some natural teas that might be safe to drink within the first trimester are ginger tea and inexperienced tea (which incorporates caffeine) in accordance to Australia’s Department of Health. You would possibly add pink raspberry leaf tea to the listing within the second trimester (the tea is related to uterine contractions, so the company suggests you wait out the primary three months). Be cautious not to drink an excessive amount of as ingesting three or extra cups a day has been linked to an elevated likelihood for spina bifida

Some natural teas to completely keep away from throughout being pregnant embody sage and parsley tea, which have each been linked to miscarriage, in accordance to the Australian company. 

Bottom line: Ask your physician earlier than you drink, or proceed ingesting, natural tea whereas pregnant. And that features tea marketed as “being pregnant” tea.


Fish are a superb supply of protein
and plenty of produce other superior vitamins, together with omega-3 fatty acids and, regardless of the lengthy listing of fish you’ll be able to’t eat, there are just a few you’ll be able to embody as a part of a balanced food plan. The FDA recommends consuming 8 to 12 ounces (about two or three servings) per week of safe-to-eat fish. Some of those fish to think about, per the Mayo Clinic, embody: anchovies, catfish, cod, herring, mild canned tuna, pacific oysters, pollock, salmon, sardines, shad, shrimp, tilapia and trout. White tuna can also be OK, however stick to 6 ounces per week as an alternative.

Tea pot of herbal tea pouring into a teacup

There are a number of unknowns about tea, particularly natural tea, throughout being pregnant. Check in together with your physician for those who’re a tea drinker.

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That’s an extended listing 

Like each particular person, each being pregnant has completely different wants and discovering a food plan that works finest for one particular person will not be sustainable for you. While it is essential to discover meals that present vitamins for you and your being pregnant, asking questions and contemplating your particular person well being could make maintaining a healthy diet throughout being pregnant really feel much less restrictive. If you could have questions on whether or not a meals is protected to eat throughout being pregnant, contact your well being care supplier. 

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The data contained on this article is for instructional and informational functions solely and isn’t meant as well being or medical recommendation. Always seek the advice of a doctor or different certified well being supplier relating to any questions you will have a couple of medical situation or well being goals.

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