Top 3 Security Plugins for WordPress

Hello Readers, Today we are come with another new tech tips which is how to secure your WordPress and related website from unknown threats and malware. Also if your are working with it then it is very helpful article for you. Must read it.

Are you Think About Your WordPress Security ?

Top 3 Security Plugins for WordPress 1
Top 3 Security Plugins for WordPress 1

it is a very interesting subject Security !! Do you try to safeguard your site word press website? It is important to create a profitable company online with a safety feature on the WordPress website. We also listed the best security plugins for WordPress to secure the domain. In this article. Below is a table of contents for this article to navigate.

It is very important that you keep your website safe, because, if you talk about, there are around 50 attacks on the website in a day. It has been released by experts. You can avoid such cyber attack on your website by using the below given plugin. Apart from all this, there is more work in maintaining your website.

1- I Theme Security Pro

You may be acquainted with the i Themes Security Pro team if you are a WordPress user since they have developed the famous Backup Buddy plugin and other big plugins. All their software provide a user-friendly interface for security against brute force and more. Also you have get in this many security features. is is available in free and premium paid version. you can choose by your requirement.


  • It is allow two factor authentication for your all user by different role.
  • 64 bit password security.
  • Also help you to navigate 303, 404 and many more broken link.
  • Powerful Block option available for suspicious IP.
  • It is also send you mail for malicious updates and critical security problem.
  • You can arrange and limit your login attempt and allow or dis allow by one mail.
  • It is comes with powerful firewall improvement features and malware scanner.

2- Jet Pack Security.

Jet pack is also another common only those-in-one tool on our list of best plugins for WordPress.This very well-known plugin allows users to easily inspect your homepage for security issues. is has a huge amount of active WordPress installation.

You can see its Features below. You will already find this plugin on the installation page of WordPress. It also has a plugin for SEO which is quite popular.


  • Automatically you will get a Email if your site is down by any reason or face a any critical security issue happens.
  • You can automatically updates you all plugin via Jet Pack easy setup.
  • Powerful security for authentication via WordPress accounts and user login attempt.
  • You will get a protection against force login attacks, spam, and harmful malware or anything else.
  • You can easily backup and restore you word press website with a one click.
  • You can get a simple user settings and well organized dashboard.

3- All in one Security and Firewall

It’s easy and convenient to apply the best security practices to your small business website with All In One WP Security & Firewall. Also it is comes with free pack. But the tool is quite basic and not so easy to start with as the most famous solutions.


  • Easy to scan all force login attacks, spam, and harmful malware or anything else in to your word press database.
  • Easy to enable Maintenance mode.
  • You can filter specific IP dresses, block user to specific location.
  • Also it is allow to updates you all plugin by one click.
  • Powerful security for authentication via WordPress accounts and user login attempt.
  • Simple backup and restore your word press website.
  • Comes with powerful password strength tool which lot helps you to make more password stronger.
  • You can monitor your all user account activity.
  • You can manually block any specific IP address.


You can make your WordPress website more secure by using all these free and paid tools. The way of working and feature is very different. You can use any of these as per your requirement.

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